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Multiply A Few Affiliates Into Thousands

GenClix Affiliate System comes with a 15-level network builder.

Imagine if you can refer 3 people to genclix and they do the same, you will have 9 people at Level 2,
27 people at Level 3, 81 people at Level 4, and 243 people at level 5! However, you are not limited
on the amount of people on each level. Let’s say that everyone only gets 3 people their first week and all
do the same thing weekly and multiply down to your 15 levels depth.

Your earnings will add up as follow::

Realistically, 14,348,907 members at level 15 in just 15 weeks!. Dramatically pretty explosive!

The potential income is staggering! Obviously this is if it’s a perfect world and incomes will vary with the time and effort of every member but what if you did even 10% of that? It could change your life!
The above sample is if everyone brought in 3 people their first week and no more. What if you sponsored more than 3 people? Many people bring in dozens,
even hundreds of people.